Monday, August 24, 2009

Free Online Read!

Great news! In September, Nicola Marsh has a release titled A Trip With The Tycoon. Now you can read a free "prequel" to that story at Eharlequin - Nicola's Online Read One Indian Summer!

There is a new chapter every week - the first chapter is up now! Here's a teaser:

Once upon a time in Goa, a lovely maid dreamed of finding romance and adventure, just like in her beloved Bollywood films…

Khushi longs to escape the boredom of her life as a hotel housekeeper, but she learned long ago never to believe in dreams. So when she stumbles—literally!—upon a handsome Australian tourist with flashing eyes and a way with words, she knows the sparks between them can come to nothing.

With one week left in his yearlong tour of India, Harrison Rayne is not looking for romance. But he can’t deny the special connection he feels to the beautiful Khushi, and soon he knows they are meant to be together forever! Can he convince her that love at first sight happens in real life, too?

Don't miss this great read - go HERE to read chapter one!

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