Saturday, May 31, 2008


The winner of Natasha's book, WANTED: WHITE WEDDING is Anita Scully!

Anita, I've sent your contact information to Natasha, and she'll drop your prize in the post.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Workshops and Appearances

From time to time we'll be posting upcoming workshops that our authors will be giving, or appearances they'll be making either in person or in the media. There's a lot more to this gig than just writing the books, and one thing we all seem to enjoy is talking about writing Romance.

So...a heads up for June:

Susan Meier seems to be busy in June, it's a good thing the days are long!

She has 3 one-hour workshops for the Philadephia Writer's Conference June 6, 7 and 8.

Later in the month she is giving a 3-hour presentation for Seton Hill College on Writing Romance in Today's Market on June 29.

RITA finalist Linda Goodnight will be one of the guest speakers at the Red River Romance Writers conference in Wichita Falls, Texas, June 7. A booksigning is scheduled the evening of June 6. Linda's topic will be The Plotting Circle-Using Mythic Story Structure to Keep Your Book Focused from Beginning to End. Other speakers include NYT author Gena Showalter, Jill Monroe, and Jordan Dane. For more information see the website at

Donna Alward has an article titled "How Do You Know You're An Author" appearing in June's issue of Author magazine.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Foreign Releases for May!

Before we get to the foreign editions this month, don't forget time is running out to get your entry in for a chance to win Natasha Oakley's Wanted: White Wedding. If you haven't already, send an e-mail to with the subject line of Natasha for your chance to win!

Juntos outra vez por Shirley Jump

Juntos poderiam voltar a ter o casamento perfeito…

Cade e Melanie tinham sido os reis do baile do liceu, o casal perfeito. Vinte anos depois, foi organizada uma festa de antigos alunos e Melanie ia ter de tornar pública a notícia de que o sonho fora desfeito.

Em algum momento da relação, Cade esquecera-se do que realmente importava, deixara que o trabalho se apoderasse da sua vida… e perdera a mulher que iluminara a sua existência. Mas ia demonstrar a Melanie que podia voltar a ser o homem que sempre desejara, o marido de que precisava… e que podia ganhar novamente o seu coração.

Hulp vragen is niet iets wat de zelfstandige Anne Lundy makkelijk af gaat - en al helemaal niet als ze zich tot uitgerekend die man moet wenden die ze nog niet zo lang geleden te verstaan heeft gegeven dat hij zich niet zo met haar leven moet bemoeien! Tot haar verbazing stemt de afstandelijke topadvocaat Richard Danton erin toe haar te vergezellen naar Japan, waar ze haar biologische moeder zal ontmoeten. Haar verbazing neemt alleen maar toe als ze ontdekt dat onder Richards koele buitenkant een zeer warmbloedige man schuilgaat. Wat zou er gebeuren als hij zich eindelijk eens liet gaan?

Ángel de amor por Michelle Douglas

Harlequin España Jazmín

Había vuelto a casa por Navidad... ¿para conseguir una esposa?

En otro tiempo, Cole Adams y Cassie Campbell habían sido inseparables y habían recurrido el uno al otro en los malos momentos. Cassie llevaba diez años tratando de seguir adelante con su vida y olvidar el pasado, pero ahora Cole había vuelto a casa por Navidad y no podía evitarlo… ni a él, ni a los recuerdos.Cole sabía que Cassie había cambiado; ahora era viuda y cuidaba de los demás de manera incansable. Pero la conocía bien y podía ver el dolor que escondía tras su alegre sonrisa. ¿Podría llegar al fondo de su maltrecho corazón y convertir a su ángel de Navidad en su esposa?

Sposami al Tramonto di Lucy Gordon

Harmony -Jolly Romance

La produttrice televisiva Della Hadley si ritiene abba­stanza intelligente da sapere che una relazione con il giovane archeologo italiano Carlo Rinucci non è una buona idea. I loro rapporti dovrebbero includere solo l'allestimento di una trasmissione televisiva, ma è così difficile resistere all'aria sexy e scanzonata di lui e all'atmosfera romantica di Napoli. Eppure Della ha sperimentato sulla propria pelle quanto può essere mutevole la passione, e il suo cuore ne porta ancora le cicatrici. Carlo, però, non ha alcuna intenzione di arrendersi: quante volte dovrà ripeterle che il loro amore durerà per sempre, prima che lei accetti di diventare sua moglie?

Grandi amori, matrimoni, legami spezzati nel­la splendida cornice del golfo di Napoli. Sono molti i SEGRETI DI FAMIGLIA dei potenti Rinuc­ci. Scoprili in questa travolgente miniserie.

28. Mai 2008

Hell funkeln die Sterne über der Bucht der Delfine, als Pierce die hübsche Shanni in seine Arme zieht und zärtlich küsst. Ein magischer Moment, in dem sie spürt, was sie sich bislang nicht einzugestehen wagte: Sie hat sich unrettbar verliebt in den charmanten australischen Stararchitekten. Aber was empfindet er für sie? Während Shannis Liebe für ihn mit jedem Tag wächst, scheint Pierce immer weniger bereit zu sein für eine feste Bindung. Hat er sie womöglich nur aus Dankbarkeit geküsst, weil sie ihm in einer Notlage geholfen hat? Verletzt flieht Shanni nach Sydney …

Le bonheur d'un père / Les noces d'une héritièrede Jessica STEELE, Susan MEIER

Collection Horizon -->

Quand Pip, sa nièce de onze ans, la supplie de l’aider à découvrir l’identité de son père, Leyne Rowberry est bien embarrassée : Maxine, sa sœur, qui s’est absentée pour six mois afin de réaliser un reportage, lui laissant la garde de l’adolescente, a toujours refusé de lui révéler ce secret. Résolue à mener sa propre enquête, Leyne parvient à retrouver la trace d’un certain John Dangerfiled, un richissime homme d’affaires. Lequel se montre bientôt des plus désagréables, et nie farouchement être le père de Pip…

+1 roman réédité gratuit : Les noces d’une héritière, de Susan Meier

Friday, May 16, 2008

Special things, in time for spring!

It's been a while since I posted the special releases, so I thought I'd highlight a few of them now. Just click on the title's to be taken to that book's page at Mills and Boon.

Master of Mallarinka by Margaret Way

Victoria seldom visited the family’s cattle station since her drastic falling out with cattle baron Haddon Rushford. And she wouldn’t be there now if it weren’t for his determination to curb her wild ways. How long did he expect this feisty heiress to stay in the outback?

Hired: His Personal Assistant by Jessica Steele
Cale Masterson is every girl’s dream boss – he’s sophisticated and suave. But he makes Sorrel Oliphant nervous, not to mention hot under the collar! She’s been hired to be his PA but now he seems to be proposing a very different arrangement…

The Tycoon’s Marriage Bid by Patricia Thayer
Tycoon Hugh McCutcheon is renowned for getting what he wants, and he wants Ellie Flanagan’s business! But when Hugh meets flame-haired, warm-hearted Ellie, suddenly his business proposal is the last thing on his mind!

A Suitable Match
Eustacia knew her marriage was one of convenience. Colin needed someone to help care for his brother’s children, not a real wife. But as her wedding day approached, Eustacia hoped that one day Colin would return her love.
A Girl to Love
When Sadie became Mr Oliver Trentham’s housekeeper, Sadie thought her quiet life would continue unchanged. But Sadie hadn’t considered that she might fall in love with him.
A Ring in a Teacup
It amazed Lucy how often Mr der Linssen appeared in her life. She bumped into him everywhere. If only he knew she existed! But Lucy knew she couldn’t possibly be the girl of the handsome doctor’s choice…could she?

Centenary Special Release
Rafael de Mendez always knew that Kit was the woman he wanted to marry. But after he suffers from memory loss, their relationship is tested as they try to rebuild what they once had. And can he ever forget that she should have been his brother’s bride?

The Tycoon Prince by Barbara McMahon
Prince Jean LeBlanc is heir to the throne of Marique, but he refuses to have anything to do with his royal heritage. As ambassador, Clarissa Dubonette’s job is to convince Jean that his country needs him to be King…however she can…
The Ordinary Princess by Liz Fielding
Laura could see that Crown Prince Alexander of Montorino needed a holiday – from being a prince! For just a few days he would be ordinary – like her – and just have some fun. Was this a perfect partnership?
Princess in the Outback by Barbara Hannay
Isabella Martineau is tired of being a princess. Freedom beckons in the Australian Outback, where she meets rugged Jack Kingsley-Laird. But will their chemistry be enough to bridge the gap between two different worlds…?

Monday, May 12, 2008

May Buzz....

Lots of good buzz going around for the May books and for Romance in general. Before we get to that though....

The finalist list is up for the Bookseller's Best Awards. The finalists in the "Traditional" category are:

Best Friend - Future Wife by Claire Baxter
The Italian's Wife By Sunset by Lucy Gordon
Millionaire to the Rescue by Ally Blake
His Christmas Angel by Michelle Douglas
Hired By The Cowboy by Donna Alward

Also finalling in the "Short Contemporary" category is Romance author Trish Wylie with her Presents, Breathless!

The awards are presented at RWA Nationals, this summer in San Francisco.

There are some great reviews of this month's books:

The Italian Playboy's Secret Son by Rebecca Winters : "Loved this! This book had me pulled in right from the first page. It was so well done with great characters and a interesting plot."(E-harlequin reader review)

The Heir's Convenient Wife by Myrna MacKenzie..."is an exquisite addition to The Wedding Planners series, building on the second chance romance theme with a character skeptical of love also seen in Shirley Jump's preceding romance. Myrna MacKenzie brings love to an impossible situation and to two very different sorts of characters." (Book reader, e-pinions)

Her Sheikh Boss by Carol Grace : " appealing fantasy", Romantic Times

Wanted: White Wedding by Natasha Oakley: "Wanted:White Wedding is a wonderful contemporary romance rich in feeling, emotion and passion that will captivate you from the very first page and leave you totally mesmerized until the final full stop.
Natasha Oakley’s books just keep on getting better and better: poignant, enthralling and absolutely mesmerizing, they deserve a place on every romance reader’s keeper shelf!" (Julie, Cataromance, 4.5 stars)

His Pregnant Housekeeper by Caroline Anderson: "shines because of the incredible chemistry between adorably clueless Daniel and gutsy Iona--and several interesting conflicts. "(Romantic Times, 4)

And don't forget to enter for you chance to win a copy of Wanted: White Wedding from Natasha! Just send e-mail to with the subject of Natasha to enter! This book is getting great reviews....Merrimon reviews calls it "packed with precise action, humor and emotion."

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Spotlight in Six - Natasha Oakley

This month we're thrilled to shine the spotlight on Romance's RITA finalist...Natasha Oakley!

Where do you find new and fresh ideas?

Ideas are the easy bit. I just have them. Always have and it was a huge surprise to me when I discovered other people didn’t have stories popping spontaneously into their heads. What very dull lives they must lead.

‘Fresh’ ideas are perhaps more tricky. In romances I think you’d be hard pushed to find an idea which hasn’t already been used. The knack is to be really character focused. Everyone is different, shaped by different experiences, and when you allow your characters to be multi-faceted that automatically takes a book in a direction which is distinctly ‘yours’.

Writers often use photos of celebrities as “casting”. Do you do this, and who has inspired some of your characters?

Well, I play at it because fellow Pink Heart Society editors do it! It’s kinda fun but it’s not honestly something I need to do. A celebrity comes with too much ‘baggage’ really and it gets in the way. Occasionally I happen across a particular photo where there’s an expression, a look in the eyes, which sets my imagination alight but that’s more about ‘where ideas come from’ than a need to ‘cast’.

What are your favourite and least favourite parts of writing a novel? Is there a particular section that you struggle with?

The beginning is by far the worst for me. I hate that blank page. And then there’s the fear of failure. It’s about finally letting go of a lovely big WIP and starting all over with people you don’t know so well.

I’m a ‘tidy’ writer. I’m much slower at the beginning of a book than I am towards the end. I’ll go back and comb through new ideas before I can move on. I don’t write a ‘dirty’ draft. When I get to the end I can push ‘send’ straight away. It’s a bit like building a house. I have to have the foundations really solid before I’m ready to move on.

When you are not writing, what do you do? How do you pamper yourself?

I watch a lot of movies. A glass of wine, large packet of cheddars and a romantic comedy and I’m a very happy girl.

My all time favourite is a little black and white movie called ‘Hobson’s Choice’. Directed by David Lean, it was released in 1954 and stars the great Sir John Mills as Willy Mossop, the boot-maker. It’s pure charm. Find it if you can.

Imagine you’re stranded…where are you and who are you with?

Danescombe Cottage in Cornwall. It’s my favourite place on earth. Tucked away in a wood behind Cotehele House, it’s owned by the National Trust and you can rent it for holidays – which my mum and dad did when I was ten. (

We had ‘the’ most fantastic holiday there. We made dams in the little streams all about, walked for miles, played cards (I’m a demon card player) and wandered up through the gardens of Cotehele House whenever we chose. It’s a little piece of heaven.

I wouldn’t mind being stranded there with my husband but I’m going to go for my late mum. I miss her.

Finally, Natasha, please tell us what’s up and coming for you in the months ahead!

I’m currently writing book two of a ‘sheikh duet’. The first one is ‘Cinderella and the Sheikh’ and that’ll be out January 09 and the second one, the one I’m writing now, is tentatively called ‘The Desert King’s Bride’. Both books are set in my fictional kingdom of ‘Amrah’ which I’ve squeezed in next to Oman. Just room there I thought! Hanif is getting paired with Seb’s ‘wild child’ younger sister from ‘Crowned: An Ordinary Girl’.

This month I’m at the Lincoln Book Festival on a Mills & Boon panel with Kate Walker, Trish Wylie and Kate Hardy. 17th May if you are in the area. It would be lovely to see you. http://www/

The other thing that’s happening this month is I become Bedfordshire libraries ‘writer in residence’. This is part of the UK’s 2008 Year of Reading which is all about promoting a love of reading. Each of the 149 participating library authorities have been paired with a local author – not just authors of category fiction. It’s a real cross section. I’m very excited about that.

Well Natasha as long as you're not busy....

Thanks for joining us this month!
Natasha is giving away a copy of her current release Wanted: White Wedding to one lucky reader. Send an e-mail to with the subject line of Natasha to be entered.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

May Releases

Coming Home to the Cattleman by Judy Christenberry

Jenny has distant, happy memories of her long-lost dad, and has finally gained the confidence to find him. Only one man stands in her way: the aloof and brooding Jason Welborn—her dad's business partner. And it's clear he's not happy she's come home.…

Jason's convinced this city girl has only come to claim her share in the business, and then hotfoot it back to the Big Apple. But Jenny seems determined to win him over, and the more he tries to push her away, the more feisty Jenny's response becomes. Slowly but surely she's starting to get under Jason's skin.…

The Italian Playboy's Secret Son by Rebecca Winters
Cesar Villon de Falcon: the world's finest racing-car driver and Monaco's most notorious playboy. But a terrifying crash has left him fighting for his life.

Sarah Priestley: the enchanting woman at his bedside, who has a secret she hopes will help revive him—Cesar has a son!

The little boy who has his daddy's eyes gives Cesar a new lease on life. But it is his convenient marriage to Sarah that has the potential to make this courageous man whole again….

The Heir's Convenient Wife by Myrna Mackenzie (Wedding Planners Series)

The Wedding Belles' photographer, Regina, captures picture-perfect memories for brides and grooms to treasure. But looking at her own wedding photo makes her realize she barely knows the man she conveniently wed.…

Dell O'Ryan was always brought up to do the right thing, to be responsible. So when his no-good cousin landed the beautiful Regina in a whole heap of trouble, Dell stepped in to save the day.

One convenient marriage later, they are practically strangers, and now Dell has decided it's time to date his wife.…

Her Sheikh Boss by Carol Grace

His secretary's secret…

Claudia Bradford has a secret: she's head-over-heels in love with the most unsuitable man possible—her boss, gorgeous sheikh Samir Al-Hamri. And he's taking her on a business trip to his desert home.

Her boss's desert proposal?

Samir knows his sensible assistant is captivated by the exotic sights of Tazzatine. In his desert oasis, he sees Claudia in a new light. Spirited and fun, she makes him feel alive. But Samir's always vowed to only marry for duty.…

Wanted: White Wedding by Natasha Oakley

Seeing Daniel Ramsey struggle with fatherhood makes memories of Freya's past come flooding back. Freya was a wild child, but on the inside she always dreamed of happy ever afters and white weddings. It was a way to escape the troubles of home. Now she's grown up, stunning and successful, and she knows she can help Daniel and his daughter.

But Freya's afraid of getting too close.… She still has her secrets, locked up tight. Could it be that after all these years, she's met the man who has the ability to see straight into her heart?

His Pregnant Housekeeper by Caroline Anderson

Penniless, pregnant and alone, Iona Lockwood wants to settle and put down roots. Life's delivered her a few hard knocks lately.…

When wealthy architect Daniel Hamilton finds Iona living in the empty building he's bought, he knows he should be asking her to leave. But Daniel can't turn his back on a pregnant woman, and offers her a job as his housekeeper.

Stepping into his beautiful home, Iona feels like Cinderella. But she knows dreams don't come true. She's there to keep house, not to fall in love with the millionaire who saved her.