Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Avaiable online this November, all of Harlequin and Silhouette's Romance titles for December!


The Bride of Montefalco
by Rebecca Winters

Ally Parker has come to Italy with questions about her past only Gino, Duc of Montefalco, can answer.

Swept away to his magical country estate, Ally begins to fall in love with the brooding Italian duc. But will the secrets and sins of the past keep Gino from making Ally the rightful bride of Montefalco?

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Crazy about the Boss
by Teresa Southwick

When Jack Valentine was rejected by his father, he headed to New York and made billions. Now the proud Valentines need his money, so he returns to London, with his trusted assistant, to make or break the family.

Until London, Maddie enjoyed a professional relationship with her boss. Now something's different. The Jack she knew is nothing like this intoxicating man, with fire in his eyes and pain in his soul. This Jack is definitely someone she could fall for—but this Jack could easily break her heart…

Claiming the Cattleman's Heart
by Barbara Hannay

All rugged cattle-station owner Daniel Renton wants is to build a relationship with his motherless daughter. The demons of his past drive him, but when newcomer Lily Halliday comes breezing into town, she's like a breath of fresh air.

As he and Lily get to know each other it's clear a bond is forming, but Daniel guards his heart closely.

Lily needs to convince Daniel to trust her—because a life with him will be worth the wait….

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Inherited: Baby
by Nicola Marsh

Riley is a single, successful businessman—and knows absolutely nothing about children! But he sees it as his duty to take care of Maya and her baby.

Maya is doing just fine. She doesn't need a man to hold her hand…or a part-time father for her son. Even so, Riley's nudging his way into their hearts.

So Maya gives him an ultimatum: either he's properly part of their lives, or there's no place for him at all! Riley's about to discover how it feels to have a family of his own!

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A Vow to Keep
by Cara Colter

Promises could break hearts and ruin friendships, but still Rick Chase found himself promising to step back into Linda Starr's life, to help his old friend get used to her empty nest. He'd offer her a job, and then his duty would be done…at least that was his plan before he met the woman she'd become. Classy, refined, Linda had blossomed into a woman of spirit, passion and unmatched beauty. The kind of woman who made his bachelor lifestyle seem…lacking.

And wasn't that the problem with promises? They required more of a man than he expected to give—with the potential to reward him with more than he ever imagined!

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Blind-Date Marriage
by Fiona Harper

Serena—loves everything in life, except for blind dates! She's turned her back on her unconventional upbringing, and her deepest wish is to marry Mr. Right….

Jake—is a highly successful and focused businessman. He's worked hard to escape his roots, and now lives by one rule: never get married!

A romantic candlelit restaurant, a dozen red roses, champagne on ice…the scene is set for the perfect blind date!

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Millionaire Dad: Wife Needed
by Natasha Oakley

Nick Regan-Phillips: a millionaire, whom the world assumes has it all…but he's got a secret that he's kept from the world—he's a single dad. Nick's daughter, Rosie, is deaf. Nick missed the first five years of Rosie's life, but now she's come to live with him he's struggling to communicate with her….

Lydia Stanford: beautiful, courageous, award-Stanford: winning journalist. And seemingly the only person who can help Nick forge a bond with his daughter….

But when their fragile relationship is tested, will Lydia realize how much this millionaire dad really means to her—and needs her—before it is too late?

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A Mother for His Daughter
by Ally Blake

(Book Three in the St Kilda Stories tilogy. How To Marry a Billioniare available in store now!)

Just as Gracie had run out of money and was about to book her flight home to Australia, she'd been rescued! A gorgeous Italian had hired her to live in his magnificent Tuscan home and be nanny to his little girl!

Luca was just as thrilled—for the first time since he'd lost his wife smiles and laughter were back in his daughter's life. He didn't want Gracie to leave, so he had a proposal for her: would she stay…as his wife?

It was the hardest decision of Gracie's life. She loved both Luca and Mila—but was Luca proposing because he loved her…or because he just wanted a mother for his daughter…?

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