Friday, December 01, 2006


Outback Man Seeks Wife
by Margaret Way

Finally returning to the dilapidated family ranch Clay Cunningham once called home, he intends to restore it to its former glory…and to settle down and find himself a wife.

Local girl Caroline McNevin is as fragile and innocent as Clay is proud and rugged. Yet there is something in her vulnerability that touches Clay. He wants her as his bride, but Caroline cannot be his…

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The Nanny and the Sheikh
by Barbara McMahon

Melissa Fox's trip to the kingdom of Qu'Arim is a perk of her job with the Valentine family. When she arrives, she works for Bella Lucia, but when she expertly calms Sheikh Surim's three little children, the handsome sheikh is determined she will stay on as his nanny.

When Melissa realizes how much the children need her, she agrees to stay—she will teach the gorgeous but guarded sheikh how to love and care for them. Only she finds herself in love with a man she could only ever dream of marrying.

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The Businessman's Bride
by Jackie Braun

Art photographer Anne Lundy was so independent that when she had to ask for help she could barely get the words out! Especially since the person she found herself needing was none other than the straitlaced, powerhouse attorney she'd told to stay out of her private life.

With his strictly business attitude, she'd never expected family friend Richard Danton to accompany her on the most important journey of her life—finally meeting her Japanese birth mother. But Rick had been doing quite a few surprising things lately, like making her yearn to loosen his tie…and to find out what happened when he lost control.

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Meant-To-Be Mother
by Ally Blake

Single-father James Dillon's life is dedicated to his young son. Then a beautiful, stylish stranger appears on his doorstep and he can't ignore the magnetism between them. Siena Capuletti's homecoming was only meant to be fleeting—the mistakes of her past are still ruling her head. Yet as she spends time with gorgeous James and his adorable son, she knows she's losing her heart to them.
Is she the jet-set career girl she's convinced herself she should be…or the bride and mother that she was clearly meant to be?

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In Her Boss's Arms
by Elizabeth Harbison

Laurel Midland is ready to throw her heart into her new job as nanny to a motherless girl whose wealthy single father is distant. But when she arrives for work, Charles Gray immediately tells her she won't do. She's too young—his daughter has already lost so much that he wants an older nanny, who isn't likely to leave…

Sparks fly as Laurel brings light and fun into a house that has been serious and quiet. Charles feels as if Laurel doesn't understand his wishes for his child's upbringing, even while he begins to fall under Laurel's spell himself.

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Falling for the Frenchman
by Claire Baxter

It has taken Beth a long time to get over Pierre Laroche, and now—just as she starts the fight of her life to stay in control of her beloved Barossa Valley winery—he's back. This time it's all business!

Beth knows she should hate Pierre—after all, he has come to take away her winery. But there are tantalizing glimpses of the man she'd once loved….
As the sun sets on the beautiful Barossa Valley, Beth and Pierre begin a journey of discovery into the past…and as the sun rises they glimpse the future they could share…

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Her Ready-Made Family
by Jessica Hart

As a successful businesswoman, she has millions in the bank, but Morgan Steele has decided her life is empty…. So she's giving up her career and moving to the country!

When handsome Alistair Brown meets his new neighbor he believes she's another spoiled city girl playing at country life—just like his ex-wife. But his twin daughters seem captivated by Morgan's warmth—and her huge swimming pool!
Slowly, as Morgan gets closer to Alistair and his girls, she begins to realize that what she's been looking for in life is right under her nose—a ready-made family!

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Rescue at Cradle Lake
by Marion Lennox

Top surgeon Fergus Reynard abandoned city life in Sydney for a GP's life at Cradle Lake, hoping to soothe his broken heart. And indeed it is soothed—by the laughter, dedication and caring nature of local emergency doctor Ginny.
Ginny knows she cannot enter a relationship with this wonderful man in the midst of her own struggles. But Fergus will not let her run from their love of a lifetime—even though it means also giving his heart to the little niece in her care, and taking on a role he thought he could never face again—being a father.

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