Monday, July 31, 2006

Another Harlequin Romance winner!

Rebecca Winters has just won 2nd place for "Best Heroine" for her book HUSBAND BY REQUEST for the first half of 2006 by the Japanese readership.

Rebecca says: "I was so surprised and thrilled!"

For more about this lovely book, check it out at

Sunday, July 30, 2006


Oh, frabjus day!

On Saturday night, at the RWA Awards
Ceremony, Marion Lennox's THE PRINCESS OF CONVENIENCE took the RITA for the Best Traditional Category Romance.

And then, Liz Fielding's, THE MARRIAGE MIRACLE, won
the RITA for Best Short Contemporary Romance.

Friday, July 28, 2006


Huge congratulations to Lucy Gordon for winning the Booksellers Best Award for Best Traditional Romance for her Harlequin Romance THE ITALIAN'S RIGHTFUL BRIDE.

The winners were announced in yesterday at a reception at the Romance Writers' of America National Conference in Atlanta.

Cyper champagne all round!

Saturday, July 01, 2006


This August in Harlequin Romance, we have one of two books which begin the wonderful The Brides of Bella Lucia miniseries.

In HAVING THE FRENCHMAN'S BABY, Rebecca Winters first brings us Rachel Valentine's story. It is set on the "wine road" in the Vosges region of France. Great wines, great food, and a love story to make your heart glow.

It is the love story of two scarred people who need each other desperately in order to heal. But their route to each other is full of unexpected twists and painful turns, forcing them to search their souls for what they really want and reach for it despite all odds.

To read an excerpt of this lovely story, check out our The Brides of Bella Lucia blog!

Available in July from Harlequin Romance and Mills & Boon Tender Romance

Then over in our sister line, Silhouette Romance, we have another book in The Brides of Bella Lucia miniseries. So as not to miss out on the continuing story of the Valentine family, be sure to pick up Patricia Thayer's COMING HOME TO THE COWBOY.

Rebecca Valentine, the twin daughter who chose to stay in the US with her mother when her parents split up, has reached a moment of crisis in her life. Instructed by her doctor to take a leave of absence from her high-powered advertising job, Rebecca compromises by going to Wyoming ranch country to work on an ad campaign for free range beef.
When she meets Mitchell Tucker it’s her emotional health that’s threatened, especially when she can’t give the rancher his heart’s desire…
For an excerpt and more pictures showing the beautiful background of this story, check out The Brides Of Bella Lucia blog.


A NINE-TO-FIVE AFFAIR by Jessica Steele

Emily Lawson has always put her much-loved grandmother before her job, and as a result she's been in heaps of trouble at work! It's crucial that she keeps her new job, but she just can't seem to stop arguing with Barden Cunningham, her infuriatingly attractive boss.
But after hours, is romance on the agenda?
Then things go from bad to worse! One evening whilst delivering an urgent report to Barden at home, Emily crashes her car and finds herself having to stay the night! Sharing an office with Barden is one thing, but it's quite another to share her boss's bedroom…


Brody Elliott is a single dad, struggling to bring up his young daughter, Molly. Brody blames himself for the loss of Molly's mother, and is determined to protect his little girl from heartbreak again. So when Molly befriends their pretty and lively new neighbor, Carissa Lewis, Brody is immediately wary.

Braving Brody's hostility, Carissa instantly bonds with Molly. Brody's doing his best, but it's obvious his little girl needs a mother — and Molly wants Carissa for the job! If only challenging, infuriating and gorgeous Brody was willing to let go of his past and give in to their reluctant attraction, maybe Carissa could be his, too.…

by Jackie Braun

Regina Bellini doesn't believe in love at first sight. After all, she knows firsthand that thinking with your heart can only lead to trouble.
But then Regina is forced to work for the one man who makes her heart stand still — Dane Conlan. And the storm of emotion brewing within her is undeniable. Perhaps even enough to tempt her into saying yes to her boss, in spite of what — and who — stands between them.