Monday, November 26, 2007

Reviews and Foreign Releases - November

A couple of reviews have found their way to me for this month's books.

"Jessica Hart’s Appointment at the Altar provides the perfect ending to the Bridegroom Boss duo and give readers their much desired happily ever after with a few twists and some comical situations along the way." Romance Junkies, 4.5 Blue Ribbons

"Shirley Jump's Miracle on Christmas Eve has a solid plot and involving conflict, and the characters are wonderful." Romantic Times Magazine

And this month in translation:

Une famille pour Brendan + 1 roman réédité gratuitde


Collection Horizon -->
Horizon n° 2139 15 novembre 2007 Prix : 3,60 € / Sfr. 6,10

Une famille pour Brendan, de Trish WylieSimple hasard ou signe du destin ? Brendan McNamara ne sait que penser de ce qu’il vient de découvrir : sa nouvelle maison est voisine de celle de Teagan Delaney, son amie de jeunesse. Teagan, qu’il n’a jamais pu oublier, et dont il était secrètement amoureux au lycée. Mais quand celle-ci lui demande de l’aider à s’occuper de ses neveux, qu’elle garde en l’absence de sa sœur, Brendan hésite. Car malgré plusieurs expériences malheureuses, son rêve le plus cher reste toujours de fonder une famille. Or, il sent, à côtoyer ces bambins malicieux et Teagan, qui est encore plus belle que dans son souvenir, qu’il ne supportera pas de voir ses espoirs à nouveau brisés…

La fiancée d’un soir, de Elizabeth Harbison (roman réédité gratuit)Quand son patron lui demande de jouer – très provisoirement – le rôle de sa fiancée, Jane ne peut refuser. Mais elle ne tarde pas à le regretter car au fil des jours, elle tombe amoureuse de cet homme qui, elle le sait, ne partage pas et ne partagera jamais ses sentiments…

Cuéntame tus secretos


Es difícil guardar secretos en una ciudad tan pequeña…

Grace Lundquist quería ocultar su dolor. Bella, trabajadora y siempre alegre, todo el mundo la adoraba…

Mike Gardner sabía que Grace escondía algo. Por mucho que intentara alejar al guapo y fuerte ranchero, Grace no podía negar la atracción que había entre ellos. El problema era que nunca podría darle lo que Mike más necesitaba: su propia familia. Lo que ella no sabía era que lo que Mike realmente deseaba era estar con ella.

In Viaggio Con Il Capo

Jolly Romance
November 2007
C.T.F.S. 6.2

Appunto in agenda: ricordati di baciarmi! Il lavoro della mia agenzia consiste nel fornire la segretaria perfetta a ogni ufficio che ne abbia bisogno. Ma quando Zach Swift si è trovato in difficoltà, per colpa di una mia dipendente, l'unica soluzione accettabile è stata propormi io stessa come candidata. Ed è stato un errore! Perché lui non è pignolo ed esigente come un qualsiasi manager di successo, ma ge­neroso e incredibilmente gentile. E ora mi ha anche chiesto di accompagnarlo in un viaggio d'affari. Già ho i miei problemi a nascondere l'attrazione che pro­vo per lui dalle 9 del mattino alle 5 del pomeriggio, figuriamoci fuori orario! Senza contare che mi ha appena comunicato che stasera, a cena, mi farà una "proposta". Auguratemi buona fortuna!

Erscheint am: 02.11.07
Bestellnummer 0828070039
Preis EUR 5,30

Ein Croissant für zwei

Dieser Mann sieht zwar wahnsinnig gut aus, macht aber nur Ärger! Das denkt zumindest Miriam, die Erik jeden Morgen beim Bäcker trifft. Ständig schnappt er ihr das letzte Croissant vor der Nase weg. Und nun soll ausgerechnet er bei einem Werbespot ihren Ehemann spielen ...

Tierisch verliebt

In Sophies Leben geht es drunter und drüber: Als Hunde-Sitterin verdient sie sich ein wenig Geld und merkt bald, dass ihr nicht nur die Vierbeiner, sondern vor allem ihr Herrchen Gabriel ans Herz gewachsen ist. Doch kommt ihre chaotische Art bei dem Arzt an?

Neuer Job, neues Glück

Anna will den Job als Hochzeitsplanerin bei ""Happy Weddings"" unbedingt! Und das nicht nur, weil Agenturchef Sebastian ihr Herz höher schlagen lässt. Doch es gibt noch eine andere Bewerberin. Und die hat nichts anderes im Sinn, als Anna Steine in den Weg zu legen ..."

Monday, November 19, 2007

Special Releases with a holiday flavour!

The only thing better than chocolate at Christmas is books. And the only thing better than books is books that feature multiple authors!

Here are some of the collections offered this season, featuring your favourite Harlequin Romance Authors!

CHRISTMAS PROPOSALS - Carol Mortimer, Rebecca Winters, and Marion Lennox

HER CHRISTMAS ROMEO by Carole Mortimer

Italian executive Roberto Romeo seems very taken by his pretty sales assistant. So as the snow falls and the Christmas festivities begin, he sets about finding a new role for her…as his fiancée!


Annie can scarcely believe it when her dynamic boss, Mitch Reynolds, bestows a kiss beneath the Christmas party mistletoe. Could the tycoon really be thinking about making Annie's Christmas dreams come true?


After wealthy Guy Carver arrives in Australia to take over Jenny Westmere's wedding salon, he finds he has only one piece of business in mind: to make Jenny and her little boy his family—by Christmas!

A CHILD'S CHRISTMAS WISH - Susan Meier, Julianna Morris, Janet Tronstad


When rugged Cooper Bryant rescued Zoe Montgomery and her adorable baby from a deadly blizzard, the cynical bachelor was soon wishing that this Christmas family could be more lasting…


Single dad Alex McKenzie’s four-year-old son had chosen a new mummy – in time for Christmas! Their vibrant neighbour, Shannon O’Rourke, wasn’t typical mummy-material, but her warmth with his little boy tempted Alex to kiss her…


Dressing up as Santa to deliver the mail wasn’t heart- throb Zach Lucas’s idea of Christmas fun. Nor had he expected to be stranded with lovely Jenny Collins and her two cute kids. Would the new year mean a new future for them all – together?

CHRISTMAS WEDDINGS - Carole Mortimer, Shirley Jump, Margaret McDonagh

His Christmas Eve Proposal by Carole Mortimer

Hollywood movie star Joshua Hawkley wanted a quiet holiday… and irresistible redhead Rosie Harrison certainly wasn’t on his Christmas gift list! But once they met, nothing could tame their desire.

Snowbound Bride by Shirley Jump

When snow started to fall, Marietta realised she was about to be stranded with the man who broke her heart, gorgeous Reed Hartstone. Could rekindling the past be their perfect Christmas present?

Their Christmas Vows by Margaret McDonagh

Frazer McIntosh has a reputation as a fun-loving Romeo. But he’s serious about his beautiful colleague, Callie Grogan. Serious enough to ask her to be his Christmas bride…

BRIDES FOR CHRISTMAS - Carole Mortimer, Jessica Hart, Liz Fielding

Claiming His Christmas Bride by Carole Mortimer

When Gideon Webber first meets Molly Barton he wants her! Three years on, a chance meeting throws Molly back in his path, and this time he’s determined to take what he desires. He’ll claim Molly once and for all – as his wife!

Christmas Eve Marriage by Jessica Hart

The only thing Thea is looking for on holiday is a little R & R – she certainly doesn’t expect to find herself pretending to be Rhys Kingsford’s fiance´e! It turns out to be everything Thea’s ever wanted. But perhaps it was just a holiday fling to Rhys…

A Surprise Christmas Proposal by Liz Fielding

A much-needed job brings sassy Sophie Harrington up close and personal with rugged bachelor Gabriel York. He ends up taking her in as a temporary lodger. How long before he realises that Sophie isn’t just for Christmas – but for life…?

And finally...let's not forget the Mills and Boon Annual....

SHORT STORIES – pages and pages of brand new romances for you to enjoy from some of your favourite authors including Debbie Macomber, Jane Porter, Elizabth Rolls, Kate Walker, Rebecca Winters and many more!

RECIPES & GIFT IDEAS – make your festive season spectacular with our easy-to-follow recipes and delightful home-made gift ideas.

THE MILLS & BOON DIARY – spend 2008 with Mills & Boon with our fantastic diary section.

PUZZLES & HOROSCOPES – challenge your brain with our fiendish puzzles and find out what the year ahead has in store with horoscopes from Dadhichi Toth.

GARDENING – let gardener Ed guide you through the making of your garden this year.
…and much, much more!
Click on each title for a link to that book's page on the Mills and Boon or eharlequin site.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Spotlight In Six - Rebecca Winters

One of the very best things about November and December are Christmas books and anthologies. I'm so pleased to bring you this spotlight...Rebecca is one of the authors I have read for a long time and now she's taken part in a gorgeous collection just in time for the holidays.

Christmas Proposals is out this month with other superstar authors CaroleMortimer and Marion Lennox. Here's a teaser:

HER CHRISTMAS ROMEO by Carole Mortimer

Italian executive Roberto Romeo seems very taken by his pretty sales assistant. So as the snow falls and the Christmas festivities begin, he sets about finding a new role for her…as his fiancée!


Annie can scarcely believe it when her dynamic boss, Mitch Reynolds, bestows a kiss beneath the Christmas party mistletoe. Could the tycoon really be thinking about making Annie's Christmas dreams come true?


After wealthy Guy Carver arrives in Australia to take over Jenny Westmere's wedding salon, he finds he has only one piece of business in mind: to make Jenny and her little boy his family—by Christmas!

Now....without further ado....your SPOTLIGHT IN SIX WITH REBECCA WINTERS

Where do you find new and fresh ideas?

From television programs like the discovery and history channels, from trips, from personal experiences, even a trip to the grocery store.

Writers often use photos of celebrities as “casting”. Do you do this, and who has inspired some of your characters?

I’m afraid I don’t. A picture is too confining for me. In my heart of hearts I believe I’ve always seen the ultimate hero in my mind. He’s Errol Flynn of the Sea Hawk and Captain Blood. He shows up with different colored hair and eyes, but he’s the same dashing, noble, thrilling, handsome, fantastic hero underneath.

What are your favourite and least favourite parts of writing a novel?

Each part has its own fascination for me. I love the research, the first moment the hero and heroine meet, their light and dark moments, but I have to say that if there’s a struggle, it’s in the first three chapters where I’m layering the problems they have to overcome. That can be a real challenge. You know—to dig deep enough into their character.

When you are not writing, what do you do? How do you pamper yourself?

I read a lot and listen to music of all kinds, but particularly classical. My grandchildren take up a lot of my time and I love spending hours with my children. Occasionally I go out to lunch with friends which is a real high point.

Imagine you’re stranded…where are you and who are you with?

That’s easy. I’m on the French Rivera with Errol Flynn. (When he was 26 and I was 23) He’s at home at the helm of his yacht the Sirocco, a fabulous swimmer and a devil may care adventurer. I would be endlessly enchanted.

Finally, please tell us what’s up and coming for you in the months ahead!

Nov, 07, THE TYCOON’S CHRISTMAS PROPOSAL from the Christmas Proposals anthology.

Jan 08, The Vow, Harlequin Everlasting Romance

Feb 08, Adopted Baby, Convenient Wife- an anthology

March 08, Along Came a Daughter- a Mother’s Day anthology

Apr 08, The Italian Tycoon and the Nanny

July 08, The Italian Playboy’s Secret Son

Oct 08, The Unexpected Bride

Look at those releases!

Thank you so much Rebecca for being with us!

Monday, November 05, 2007

November Releases!

It's that month before Christmas and time to think about getting in the spirit for the holidays! Harlequin Romance is no exception...there are some truly great offerings this month to kick off the holiday season!

Winter Roses
by Diana Palmer

Handsome, eligible ranch owner Stuart York was not one to mince words. Ivy Conley, his younger sister's best friend, found out the hard way. During a night's stay at his Jacobsville ranch, Ivy wound up in Stuart's arms. The resulting fireworks singed them both…and knowing she was too young, Stuart closed his heart to her.

Now, years later, Ivy is determined not to be treated like a little girl anymore. Although still an innocent, Ivy knows she has to fight her own battles, but for some reason Stuart is always fighting them for her, and keeping her from harm. And, safe in Stuart's arms, Ivy feels like a woman—a woman who belongs to him.

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Appointment at the Altar
by Jessica Hart

Three steps to the altar!

Monday—Buy stylish suit.

Bubbly Lucy West has always thought she can handle anything. That's before she meets charismatic and utterly irresistible tycoon Guy Dangerfield, who challenges her to find a "real" job for a change

Tuesday—Find proper job

So, determined to prove she has what it takes, Lucy secures a top job—working for Guy!

Wednesday—Fall in love with the boss

Lucy thrives in her new role…and it's all down to her gorgeous boss. Lucy has a smile on her face, a spring in her step—and maybe, just maybe, Guy will put a ring on her finger!

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Caring for His Baby
by Caroline Anderson

For the love of a tiny baby…Emily thought she'd never see Harry again. Then he's suddenly on her doorstep—cradling a little baby in his arms! The man she once knew, so strong and sure, now looks lost, and when Emily discovers why he's come to her with this premature baby, she melts.

For the love of a good man…Harry once broke her heart and, now a single mom, Emily can't afford to let Harry and his child into her life. But she can't deny the growing love she feels for this special man and for their patchwork family…

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The Boss's Double Trouble Twins
by Raye Morgan

The last person Mitch Carver expects to walk into his office is Darcy—the woman who haunted his sleep for months. Despite the attraction, he knows they are just too different. She's happily ever after and he's here today, gone tomorrow. Darcy Connors can't believe it! It's been hard enough trying to track Mitch down, but now she must tell her new boss that their weekend in Paris has turned into a lifetime commitment…and it's double trouble! Mitch is about to trade in his playboy past for fatherhood and family!

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Miracle on Christmas Eve
by Shirley Jump

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is a family…

Jessica Patterson has tried to put on a brave face, but she misses the joy that love can bring at Christmastime. Until a handsome stranger in need of a Christmas miracle touches her heart…

Single dad C. J. Hamilton has discovered fatherhood is a little harder than bachelorhood! But he's mesmerized by Jessica's enchanting beauty and sincerity. She's perfect with his daughter—is it possible she's perfect for him?

It's lucky that Jessica can't resist a plea for help, because C.J. has a twinkle in his blue eyes that suggests her Christmas dreams will come true…

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The Cowboy's Christmas Proposal
by Judy Christenberry

One snowy Christmas, wedding bells ring! Penny Bradford has inherited her family ranch, but she has no idea how to run it! So she hires rugged rancher Jake Larson to train her up and show her the ropes. Jake thinks it will be easy—he'll run the ranch and hold Penny's hand until she realizes she isn't cut out for ranching. Trouble is, Jake realizes he doesn't want to let Penny's hand go! As the snow falls thick and fast, Christmas begins to work its magic on the boss and her rancher…

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