Monday, July 27, 2009

Foreign Releases: July

Bebé milagro por Liz Fielding

Estaba embarazada de un bebé extraordinario

Grace McAllister pensó que llevar en su vientre un hijo para su hermana sería un acto desinteresado, aunque secretamente deseaba que aquel bebé fuera suyo y que hubiera sido concebido apasionadamente con el único hombre al que había amado. Pero eso era algo imposible.

Josh Kingsley, incapaz de compartir la magia de todo aquello, no podía soportar ver cómo el bebé crecía en el vientre de Grace. Deseaba que la niña y ella fueran suyas para poderlas cuidar. Entonces la tragedia golpeó a la familia y Josh se apresuró a proteger a Grace y a la pequeña Posie, esperando que formaran parte de su vida.

A noiva do chefe por Ally Blake

Precisava de alguém que revitalizasse o seu negócio, porém, não imaginava que ela também lhe devolveria a vida…

Quando Veronica Bing apareceu com as suas calças justas e as suas botas altas e lhe disse que era a pessoa ideal para o emprego, Mitch Hanover não teve outro remédio senão dar-lhe razão.

Veronica sabia por experiência própria que ter uma relação com alguém com quem trabalhava não era boa ideia e era evidente que o bonito Mitch podia ser muito perigoso. Era verdade que ele também se sentia atraído por ela e que os seus beijos a derretiam, contudo, Veronica sabia que, depois de perder a sua mulher, Mitch jurara não voltar a apaixonar-se… a menos que ela conseguisse fazê-lo mudar de ideias.

Sarà vero che in amore gli opposti si attraggono? Miranda non ne è affatto convinta, ma una serata molto speciale sta per farle cambiare idea

Miranda Fairchild è una ragazza semplice e con i piedi per terra, e non riesce proprio a concepire lo stile di vita sfarzoso e superficiale di Rafe Knighton, l'affascinante milionario che l'ha assunta per aiutarlo a organizzare un ballo da sogno. Spendere una cifra astronomica per una festa è già un'assurdità, ma allestire un gran gala al solo scopo di trovare una moglie è pura follia! Poco importa: la professionalità viene sempre al primo posto e Miranda dovrà fare buon viso a cattivo gioco e assecondare ogni desiderio del suo cliente. Anche se questo significa indossare uno scintillante abito da sera e ballare un romantico lento, stretta tra le braccia di Rafe.

Play-boy ou papa?, Susan Meier

Afin de renflouer au plus vite les caisses de sa société, Audra accepte un poste de nounou à plein temps chez Dominic Manelli, un riche héritier devenu tuteur de son neveu orphelin. Hélas, elle ne tarde pas à déchanter car son employeur semble davantage prêt à la séduire qu'à assumer pleinement son rôle de « père ». Contrainte de conserver ce poste coûte que coûte, Audra s'efforce d'éviter tout échange autre que strictement professionnel avec Dominic, ce qui ne fait que susciter davantage encore la curiosité de ce dernier à son égard...


Nacht in Venetië

Op een regenachtige avond staat de Engelse Ruth Denver voor een prachtig oud huis aan in Venetië, palazzo Bagnelli. Ze is op zoek naar haar vakantieliefde Gino, die haar heeft verteld dat hij afstamt van de beroemde Bagnelli's. Tot haar teleurstelling is hij daar niet. Gelukkig vangt Pietro, de knappe beheerder van het palazzo haar op. Tijdens de viering van het carnaval worden ze verliefd op elkaar. Maar is Pietro wel wie hij zegt te zijn?

Geboren voor het geluk

Nells droom komt uit als ze plotseling de zorg krijgt voor een piepklein baby'tje. En ze staat niet alleen voor de opvoeding van de kleine Sam, want plotseling verschijnt haar oude vlam Jacob ten tonele. Hij biedt Nell en het kleintje onderdak aan in zijn prachtige huis te midden van de ongerepte natuur van Australië. Zal daar hun liefde een nieuwe kans krijgen?

Wie ein Häufchen Elend steht Lauren am Straßenrand. Ihre Schwangerschaft, auf die sie so lange vergeblich gehofft hatte, verursacht ihr momentan nur Übelkeit, und der Streit mit ihrem Ehemann, der absolut keine Kinder will, tut unendlich weh. Retter in der Not ist Gavin O’Donnell. Wie ein Ritter in schimmernder Rüstung eilt ihr der sportliche Immobilientycoon zu Hilfe. In Gavins Landhaus findet sie Zuflucht und endlich auch Liebe – für sich und das ungeborene Kind. Rührend kümmert sich Gavin um ihr Wohlergehen. Doch Laurens Mann stört die romantische Idylle …

Friday, July 24, 2009

RWA National Conference, Washington DC

Last week, hundreds of authors, yet-to-be-published writers and industry professionals took Washington DC by storm when they attended the Romance Writers of America national conference. Seriously- Tuesday and Wednesday the Marriott staff had this glazed, shell-shocked look at the volume of enthusiastic women (and a few men) that had taken their hotel hostage.

It was my first National Conference and boy am I hooked now. What a fabulous time. A lot of that time was spent with fellow Romance authors.
I met Fiona Harper in 2007 at the Association of Mills and Boon Author day, and we were both arriving on the Tuesday so we planned to meet for dinner. What a great idea - from that moment on Fiona and I met for several meals, down time - even sightseeing at the end of the trip.

Over the course of the next few days, I met several Romance authors I had before only known in cyberspace - Shirley Jump, Teresa Carpenter, Susan Meier, and debut author Barbara Wallace. On Wednesday, we all joined our Senior Editor Kim Young and met up with Editorial Director Karin Stoecker, Sharon Kendrick and Lynn Rae Harris for a trip to the Washington Post.

We had a guided tour, and got to sit in on their story conference where the editors of each section meet to finalize what will run on the front page etc. of the following day's edition. I expected a longer, more detailed meeting, but these people are fast, efficient and thorough. One story was swapped out in favour of another...and carry on. Here we all are in the foyer, photo taken courtesy of Sharon Kendrick - who cracked me up every time I met up with her. From left to right: Presents author Lynn Rae Harris, me, Shirley Jump, Barb Wallace, Kim Young, Teresa Carpenter, Susan Meier, Fiona Harper.

Shirley, Fiona and I had dinner together one evening as well, at a cute Thai place with gorgeous summer rolls and soup. Shirley is the QUEEN of shoes, by the way. Pop by her blog for her version of conference....and to Fiona's as well. Fiona had a brand new camera that took wonderful pictures.

One of the nice things was spending time with Kim and Joanne Grant, another UK editor. On Wednesday, several of the UK authors met for a trip to the Smithsonian. Put a group of Romance authors in the same room as the Hope Diamond - AND all those lovely gemstones and we all were finding lovely accessory pieces for our Rita and Harlequin Party ensembles. From there we saw the collection of inaugural gowns of the First Ladies. The lighting made pictures difficult, but lookie here - Fi got a great picture of Mary Todd Lincoln's.

What is Nationals without the famed Harlequin Party? Shirley posted a picture of the two of us by the 60th Birthday screen...and we danced...and danced...and danced... What a fantastic time. I forgot to be self-conscious and totally got my groove on!

Kim and Joanne looked fresh and lovely the next morning when they gave their workshop on "Don't Let The Plot Get In The Way of Your Story". I attended and had several lightbulbs about my own writing that will hopefully strengthen future stories. I didn't get a pic in the workshop, but here are Kim and Jo at the Bookseller's Best Awards ceremony. Congrats to Romance's Myrna MacKenzie for winning the Traditional Category!

On Saturday, I was honoured to fill in for our own Jessica Hart, who was nominated for a Rita for her 50th Romance, Last Minute Proposal. Oh, the glam dresses! The shoes! The list of best selling authors in attendance (I tried not to stare, I promise). There was a lovely reception afterwards.

And then it was over, and Fiona and I kicked back for some sightseeing. We took a trolley tour and had a fabulous time. We explored the Lincoln Memorial, as well as the Korean and Vietnam Memorials, as well as the Capitol, and had a hotdog and lemonade before crossing the Potomac to Arlington. At this point, we had to say goodbye - Fi had a flight to catch and I explored Arlington Cemetery solo. Here is a pic of Fiona and I at the Capitol. As you can see, after several days of "business casual" I went for comfort and sneakers for sight seeing. My feet thanked me.

I came home so tired but with so many great memories of a fantastic first conference!

Friday, July 10, 2009

July Author Post...Sicily with Carol Grace

Greetings from sunny California where I write from my mountain top house overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

It’s July and I’m celebrating the release of my 30-something Harlequin/Silhouette romance – THE SICILIAN’S BRIDE, while Harlequin is celebrating their 60th birthday.

When my family and I went to Sicily on vacation a few years ago, I was seduced, not by a dashing Sicilian winemaker as happened in my book, but by the colorful history, the cosmopolitan cities, the gorgeous scenery, the art and the archeology. And the food! I can’t forget to mention the delicious arancini, the pasta and the famous drink made from the lemons growing everywhere - limoncello. Sicily is Asia, Europe and Europe all combined on one enchanting island. I knew I had to set a book there.

Isabel Morrison, an American from California, has inherited a vineyard from an uncle she never knew. As an orphan, she’s touched to think a relative cared enough to remember her in his will. She takes Italian lessons and learns what she can about growing wine grapes and heads for Sicily. After a broken love affair, Isabel is eager to make a new start. But there’s a man standing in her way. He’s Dario Montessori, the former owner of the land, who’s determined to get it back. But Dario doesn’t know how stubborn and how intriguing the heiress can be. As he reluctantly helps her tend her vineyards, and get to know his extended family, he falls in love with her along the way. Reluctantly!

Here’s a brief excerpt from THE SICILIAN’S BRIDE:

Isabel Morrison was lost. She’d been driving around on dirt roads for hours looking for the Monte Verde Vineyards. There were no signs at all out here in the country. The small rented Fiat was no equipped with GPS or air conditioning and she was sweltering in the September heat. She’d known it would be hot in Sicily, but not this hot…….

Just when she thought she’d have to turn around and go back to the little town of Villarmosa and get more directions, she spotted a man picking grapes. Exactly the kind of man she would hire to work in her fields….The man in sight was tall, strong and muscular and obviously used to hard work. She was so excited she slammed on the brakes and skidded to an abrupt halt.

He was shirtless and his jeans rode low on his hips. Very sensible in this kind of weather. Very sexy too. She swallowed hard and tried to tear her eyes from his broad chest covered with a light dusting of dark hair, but couldn’t. Perspiration broke out on her forehead. She couldn’t seem to take a deep breath. Maybe this was her property. Maybe he worked for her already and she’d be making wine this fall with his help. No, she couldn’t get that lucky.

Ciao, signore,” she called. “Per favore, dove e la Villa Monteverde?”

Carol's book is available in stores July 14 and online at eharlequin now.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

July Releases

Kira lit up Trace McKane's life when she said, "I do"— but when no baby McKanes came, they lost sight of their precious bond.

Now Trace is sleeping in the bunkhouse. But when their name reaches the top of the adoption list, he returns to stand firm and strong by his brave, beautiful wife's side. Kira is touched by how far Trace will go to make her dreams come true. Looking up at her husband as if for the first time, she realizes she has all the family she needs.

It's then that she's given a miracle….

Since Laura arrived at his family's château, Raoul Laroche hasn't taken his eyes off the golden-haired beauty. But he thinks she's just another gold digger, out to snare the Laroche family fortune.

The minute she steps off the boat, breathes the balmy sea air and feels the warm sun on her back, Laura Aldridge knows this trip to France is a brand-new beginning. Though that's before she catches the gaze of a brooding Frenchman….

Inheriting a Sicilian vineyard and tumbledown farmhouse is Isabel Morrison's chance to start again. A graduate of the school of hard knocks, she's determined to stand on her own two feet.

Local vintner Dario Montessori wants Isabel's land. It once belonged to his family and he blames himself for losing it. He'll do anything to claim his vineyard—and only a stubborn redhead stands in his way….

Cassidy Malone describes herself as a plain, slightly plump schoolteacher—totally unsuitable for Hollywood life. Unfortunately she is now at the beck and call of top movie mogul and old flame Will Ryan.

Once upon a time she signed a contract, in a whirlwind of youth and confidence. Now, as they write the script they never finished, Will's devilish smile and lethal charm make her yearn for the safety of the classroom!

As a gawky teenager, Rosie knew she never stood a chance with heartthrob Cameron Kelly. She had pigtails and glasses, and washed dishes by night to help support her and her mother, while Cameron came from one of the richest and most revered families in Brisbane.

Years later they meet again, and Rosie finds herself on a date with the devastatingly attractive billionaire! There's something different about him—he's darker, more intense, dangerous. But she's determined to ignore his three-dates-only rule and get to the heart of the rebel tycoon….

Amy Edler is a baker, not a wedding planner! But along with making her best friend's wedding cake, Amy finds herself planning the wedding—with only her friend's disapproving big brother for help!

Gorgeous entrepreneur Jared Shaw hasn't made his millions letting other people run the show. So, although he's normally allergic to weddings, he has rolled up his sleeves and is helping sweet and sexy Amy with every last detail!

And his last job is to buy the bridesmaid the perfect gift….