Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Are You Ready...For A Royal Wedding?

The world is abuzz with the excitement of the upcoming royal wedding - how often do we get to watch a real live fairy tale? And just in case you haven't yet got your fill of the glamour and romance, Mills and Boon have got in on the action with some great Royal treats!

Romance authors Nina Harrington and Raye Morgan join Trish Morey and Caitlin Crews in a sparkly anthology, A ROYAL WEDDING! Ordinary girl meets future king... Have a browse!

And don't miss their Royal Wedding Collection - lots of great reading on sale to celebrate the happy event, including these books by Harlequin Romance Authors:

Destination: Summer Weddings!

Lucy Gordon / Nicola Marsh / Jessica Hart
Royal Wedding Collection
June 2010

Escape to exotic lands – with the perfect hero by your side A wedding in China Olivia Daley knows China will cure her broken heart. Mesmerised by ancient legends of love, she soon finds herself wishing she could be the bride who wore red… An Indian affair Tamara Rayne travels to India on the adventure of a lifetime. Love isn’t on her itinerary, so she hardly notices when blast from her past Ethan Brooks boards her train. Alone on a desert island… Tycoon Tom Madison whisks his PA Imogen away on a tropical business trip. In this idyllic setting can Imogen finally catch her gorgeous boss’s eye? Dream Destinations – Whirlwind Weddings!

Royal Engagements

Rebecca Winters / Meredith Webber / Melissa James

Royal Wedding Collection

April 2010

You’re invited to three beautiful royal weddings! A Royal Bride of Convenience Rebecca Winters When Princess Francette first met her betrothed, Prince Raimundo, they hated each other. But to join their two powerful kingdoms, there had to be a royal wedding…of convenience! Expecting the Cascaverado Prince’s Baby Meredith Webber Carlos Deziguel is no ordinary doctor – he’s also a crown prince… But Caroline has no idea she’s pregnant with a future king – until Carlos returns to claim his heir and make Caz his royal bride! Too Ordinary for the Duke? Melissa James Mari was totally enamoured with her gorgeous rescuer, until she discovered that Lysander was actually a duke. Was Lysander willing to give up his diplomatic career to make this ordinary girl his duchess?

And to top it all off...for seven days only you can save an extra 10%. What are you waiting for?