Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Celebrate a Golden Milestone

This month is a very special month for one Harlequin Romance author. That's because award-winning author Jessica Hart is celebrating the release of her FIFTIETH book.
Jessica hosted a party for friends to celebrate and you can get a bit of an account and see pictures - including one of all fifty books lined up on her mantle - on her blog. And there are all sorts of guests and well wishers there, so do pop over and offer your congratulations! You might even have a chance to win something....

Now, let's get a taste of what number 50 is all about:

Last-Minute Proposal by Jessica Hart

Single city girl…
Cake-baker Tilly is taking part in a charity job-swap, and when she's paired with ex-military maverick Campbell Sanderson, they get off to a rather sticky start….

Rugged billionaire tycoon…

Campbell is all hard angles to Tilly's cozy curves. It's the winning that counts for him, and it's clear Tilly will need her hand held every step of the way….

Whirlwind wedding wish!

Despite himself, Campbell finds that something about Tilly always coaxes a smile. But he refuses to be tempted, no matter how bright and bubbly she is! That's before they share a showstopping kiss….

You can read a note from Jessica, reviews, and a cracking excerpt on her site.

Congratulations Jessica!


  1. Congratulations again, twin! The party was clearly fabulous -- exactly right for a truly momentous year.

  2. Congratulations, Jessica! I loved Tilly and Campbell's story. Was in buckets by the end...

  3. I always have tears at some point in Jessica's books - and in Liz's too. :-)

  4. Just finished Last Minute Proposal! Loved it jessica :)

    Thank you so much for the book and teh tote bag!

  5. Tears, girls???? You're supposed to be smiling at the end, although I will allow you a gusty sigh or two, as I always have one when I'm writing! I'm so glad you enjoyed Tilly and Campbell's story though. I've had such lovely feedback about this book that I've quite got my confidence back ...!

    Thank you all, and especially Liz, my writing twin (the earlier one, obviously!) Let's not forget that Liz had TWO fiftieth books out earlier this year! How did you celebrate, Liz?

  6. I am so looking forward to reading this one.

    Huge congratulations on 50 books, Jessica!

  7. Huge congrats, Jessica. I'm really looking forward to reading this book. Love all your books, but this one will be extra special, because I first heard all about it from you, somewhere between Yosemite and San Francisco.:)

  8. Congratulations! I'm looking forward to reading this book too, especially now that I know it will make me cry.

  9. Congrats on Book 50 and it is a beauty ! Adored it!

    Merri (logged in it seems via my husband's email)

  10. Wow, congratulations, Jessica! What a wonderful milestone! I'm nearly halfway there (or will be the end of next year), but it still seems like such a huge number, LOL!