Tuesday, August 09, 2011

August Releases

Little Cowgirl Needs a Mom by Patricia Thayer


The cowboy's patchwork family

When a little girl peers around the door with an unfinished quilt in hand, shop owner Jenny Collins's heart melts. Gracie's desperate to finish the work her mother left undone.

Widower Evan Rafferty might be the best-looking cowboy in town, but he's also the grumpiest! He's not impressed when a strange woman demands he take his daughter quilting.

But Jenny's warmth and spirit are irresistible, and Evan realizes he must let go of the past to be the father Gracie needs—and the man Jenny wants…

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To Wed a Rancher by Myrna MacKenzie            

Lost in Montana

When Rachel Everly dumps her cheating boyfriend, he dumps her in a one-horse Montana town with only her suitcase and beloved camera! Then a deep, whisky-rough voice, straight out of a cowboy movie, offers her a way out…

Rescued by the rancher

Shane Merritt plans to sell his parents' ranch, so he seizes the chance to hire Rachel as his photographer. At first, her enthusiasm for the dilapidated ranch bothers the taciturn cowboy, until he begins to see the woman who's putting the home back into his homestead in a whole new light!

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The Secret Princess
The Secret Princess by Jessica Hart
ALSO OUT IN THE UK as Mills and Boon RIVA

ROYAL EXCLUSIVE: "Perfect" princess goes AWOL!

Frustrated with the merry-go-round of political dinners and enforced good behavior, Lotty's determined to try a normal life on for size. However, she's completely unprepared for her sexy new boss, Corran McKenna.

Bored with people bowing and scraping, Lotty doesn't mind Corran's frowns, but his wicked grin causes trouble! A no-strings fling with the only man who's ever seen the real—rather than the royal—her is irresistible, but what will happen when her real identity becomes headline news?

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Mr. Right There All AlongMr. Right There All Along by Jackie Braun

Could her best friend be her best match?

The one thing Chloe McDaniels has always depended on is her friendship with Simon Ford. Even if it's been tough thinking of the gorgeous guy who makes her heart flutter as just a friend! But now, with their upcoming high school reunion dredging up memories of bullies and broken hearts, she needs him more than ever.

As Chloe plans to unveil her new-and-improved self, Simon creates a plan of his own.

Step One: Show her that love is worth the risk.
Step Two: Give her the happy-ever-after she deserves.

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A Kiss to Seal the DealA Kiss to Seal the Deal by Nikki Logan

  • Is true love an endangered species?
When city lawyer Grant McMurtie is forced to return to his coastal hometown, he discovers that conservationists plan to carve up the family farm! He furiously confronts the woman in charge—seal researcher Kate Dickson.

Used to half-truths after years of making empty city deals, he finds Kate's passion for her precious seals mystifying, but slowly begins to trust this courageous, determined woman. For the first time, Grant's heart is touched and he wants to make a wholly personal contract. Will cautious Kate agree to his final clause—to be together forever?

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The Army Ranger's ReturnThe Army Ranger's Return by Soraya Lane

A soldier's second chance…

As nervous as a teenager about to go on her first date, Jessica Mitchell waits for Special Forces Ranger Ryan McAdams—her best friend for the past year—whom she's never met! They've been pen pals while Ryan was away fighting for their country and Jessica was secretly fighting her own demons back home.

She knows widower Ryan's fears of returning to civilian life and his hopes of reconnecting with his son. Now she can't wait to meet him face-to-face—to hear his voice and see his smile…

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In the UK:

Blind Date Rivals by NINA HARRINGTON

Dating the enemy!

Sara should be preparing for a meeting to secure her business. Instead she’s being stood up by a man she’s never even met! Things improve when gorgeous city-boy Leo asks her to dance – until he reveals his relief that his ‘country bumpkin’ blind date didn’t show…

Sara could almost ignore the words slipping from his oh-so-kissable mouth – if the next ones weren’t that he’s planning to build on the land she wants to buy! Turning to ice, yet very aware of his warm, strong arms around her waist, Sara’s suddenly reminded of a saying: keep your enemies closer…

From Daredevil to Devoted Daddy by BARBARA MCMAHON

Just a summer romance...

Since the cliffs surrounding her Mediterranean home claimed her husband's life, Jeanne-Marie has been a single mum to her young son Alexandre. She keeps her heart well guarded - until the handsome Matthieu arrives at her cosy B&B!

Or the start of something more?

Matt's sense of fun enchants Alexandre and reminds Jeanne-Marie how to smile, but surely this daredevil will soon movon to the next adventure? She doesn’t dare hope that Matt might be ready for a whole new challenge – a family! ... more info

Once Upon a Time in Tarrula / To Wed a Rancher


Once Upon a Time in Tarrula

After an injury, ex-soldier Troy's too busy putting his life back together to worry about his heart. And his new assistant Stacie deserves a fairytale - not damaged goods. Yet could this Cinderella inspire her Prince Charming to claim their happy ever after?

To Wed a Rancher

When Rachel dumps her cheating boyfriend, he dumps her in a one-horse Montana town. Then a deep,... more info

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  1. Hi Donna ~ Just wanted to tell you that I enjoy these posts. Out of the books posted above I've read Soraya Lane's. I read her debut book as well and really enjoyed both of them.