Thursday, February 17, 2011


For three weeks Harlequin Romance Author Donna Alward has a free online read happening at Eharlequin! Beginning on February 14, a new chapter will be posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until March 4.

Remember Me, Cowboy

For one shining moment at her friends' wedding, Carrie Walsh was that girl. The one who was radiantly beautiful, confident in the spotlight and at home in the arms of sexy cowboy Logan Creed. So at home that it felt right to follow him outside and kiss him as the snow fell around them.

But Carrie was too practical to believe her fairy-tale moment could lead to a real happily ever after. That girl wasn't really her. And so when Logan asked to see her again, she said no.

Only Carrie did see Logan again—as he was being wheeled into the hospital on a stretcher. He'd fallen from a horse and now couldn't remember the accident or anything that had happened in the past week…including their kiss. Now the only thing worse than his remembering that beautiful night, is if he never remembers it at all.

The story coincides with Donna's current release, PROUD RANCHER, PRECIOUS BUNDLE.

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