Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas means Special Releases....

Christmas brings some special treats to readers with special stories - and here's some of what you can find on the shelves this year!

From Mills and Boon UK:

Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses

Susan Meier, Barbara Wallace, Patricia Thayer, Donna Alward
December 2010

Four lovely, festive, sparkling romances

Baby Beneath the Christmas Tree
Gwen McKenzie is single, but she has a beautiful baby and has just landed a fantastic job. What she hadn’t counted on was her new boss being gorgeous! Although he’s not mad about babies…
Magic Under the Mistletoe
To her surprise, glossy PR executive Gill, under the mistletoe with her local children’s centre’s gorgeously dishevelled director, realises that opposites really do attract…
Snowbound Cowboy
Lone wolf Boone Gifford is looking at Christmas through Amelia Hughes’ eyes. As the snow falls harder and her stranded family needs help, Boone steps towards them and into the warm.
A Bride for Rocking H Ranch
Kelly is a rancher, sister, aunt and granddaughter but creating a perfect Christmas is just too much. So when delectable, sexy chef Mack offers his help, she’s happy to accept.

Christmas Gifts

Judy Christenberry / Trish Morey / Jennifer Taylor

December 2010

Cinderella and the Cowboy
With her newborn and toddler in tow, Elizabeth stepped onto the Ransom Homestead looking for the family she’d never had. When the children’s grandfather welcomed them with open arms, she was grateful, but a blue-eyed, hard-headed cowboy kept distracting her…
The Boss’s Christmas Baby
Tegan is supposed to be pretending to be her twin, not sleeping with her sister’s sexy, powerful boss. The deception can’t last; she’s falling for this ruthless tycoon. How will James react when he discovers his mistress has a special seasonal delivery?
Their Little Christmas Miracle
Anna and Sam Kearney were blissfully happy until they realised the baby they longed for just wasn’t coming. Sam is back, convinced they belong together, and, working together on Christmas Eve, maybe there will be a little Christmas miracle for them…

And in Australia:



Daddy By Christmas by Patricia Thayer

Tycoon Jarrett McKane has never believed in Christmas, mistletoe and family just aren’t for him. But he can’t help being drawn to soon-to-be-mum Mia Saunders, even though she’s cast him as Scrooge.

Before Mia, Christmases were spent alone...but now this previously ruthless tycoon might just have found a fairytale ending.

Rescued By His Christmas Angel by Cara Colter

Teacher Morgan McGuire is determined to embrace her newfound independence, until one of her pupils needs her in ways she never expected. Soon Morgan’s life becomes intertwined with that of sexy but cynical Nate Hathoway and his adorable daughter.

Christmas is hard for single father Nate, but as the holiday season weaves its magic, and Nate is drawn ever closer to warm, generous Morgan, his hardened heart begins to thaw…

Also includes a bonus novella - One Indian Summer by Nicola Marsh

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