Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pop open the Champagne!!!!!!

Get out the bubbly and the fancy glasses! We've got some FANTASTIC news to share today!

First up - our very own Jessica Hart and Barbara Hannay have been named finalists for this year's RITA award in Series Contemporary Romance! Way to go! Jessica's Last Minute Proposal and Barbara's Adopted: Outback Baby got the nod today! The award will be handed out at the RITA ceremony at RWA National Conference, this July in Washington DC.

Congratulations Jessica and Barb!

And in keeping with the awards season theme, Liz Fielding has been listed as a finalist in the Colorado Award of Excellence with her Romance, Wedded in a Whirlwind! Yay Liz!
Donna Alward has also finaled in Love Romances and More's 2008 Golden Rose Awards, with The Soldier's Homecoming up for Best Category Romance! This is a contest where the readers get to have their say: Polls are open here for voting.

And one other very special bit of news this week. There's another brand new addition to the Harlequin Romance family - author Barbara Wallace, whose journey to publication is an inspiration to all aspiring romance authors out there. Barbara will be back later with info on her debut release including the title and release date. Until then,

Congratulations on the sale Barbara and welcome to the family!


  1. Congrats to all the ladies -- lets see if I can remember them Barbara Hannay and Jessica Hart. Then there is Liz Fielding and her Wedded in a whirlwind and Donna Alward and The Soldier's Homecoming.

    And then there is a debut writer in the HR family, another Barbara (Wallace, maybe?)

    Lifting a glass of the fine bubbly

  2. LOL Nancy - thanks! It's been a good week for Romance...