Thursday, April 03, 2008

A Special Occasion!

The only thing more exciting than a wedding, would be marking a major milestone like, say, publishing your 50th Harlequin Romance! So what happens when both of these happen at the same time?

What happens is you get the gorgeous pleasure of a Liz Fielding novel, and Liz here herself to celebrate it being her 50th book!

The Bride's Baby is the first book in a miniseries called A Bride For All Seasons. Liz is the Spring Bride. Fiona Harper is Summer, Trish Wylie is Fall, and Shirley Jump winds it all up with her Winter Bride.

Please join the Romance authors in celebrating with Liz! And here she is to tell us more....

THE BRIDE’S BABY, my 50th Harlequin Romance is published this month as the first book in a four-part mini series, A Bride for All Seasons. The heroine, Sylvie Duchamp Smith, is an events planner, but she knows that a wedding is a never-to-be-repeated occasion that has to be perfect and it’s her attention to detail, her determination to deliver the perfect day that has made her the top of every A-list bride’s wish-list. Now, in the cause of The Pink Ribbon Club, a charity founded by her mother, she’s been asked to show the world what her own fantasy day would be like at a Wedding Fayre to be held in her ancestral home, Longbourne Court..

There are countless reasons why she wouldn’t want to go back there. As for fantasy weddings, well, ever since a high-profile wedding she’d been organising had ended in professional disaster when the bride had eloped at the last minute with one of her assistants, she has been doing her best to avoid them. Or think about the jilted groom, billionaire Tom McFarlane, who’d summoned her to his office to go through her account line by line. These days she has baby clothes rather than wedding gowns on her mind.

She’s going to have to do it this one last time, however. Too many people are relying on her to raise the Pink Ribbon Club profile, put their business under the spotlight. It’s just a pity she hadn’t thought to ask the name of the new owner of Longbourne Court…

For excerpts, background, and details of this four-book mini series, go to and

Congrats Liz! Here's to 50 more!


  1. Congrats on your 50th release, Liz. The book sounds wonderful. I just love wedding stories!


  2. Anonymous8:08 AM

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  3. I'm just back from Scotland, where I spent a blissful afternoon curled up with THE BRIDE'S BABY while the rain lashed unnoticed at the windows ... Fabulous book, Liz! A gorgeous hero, a strong heroine with a very real dilemma and lots of fun with all the wedding background - who could ask for more? Congratulations x 50!


  4. Liz, what a fabulous reason to celebrate! Congratulations!

    The book sounds wonderful. A fantasy wedding? I am so there!

  5. Thanks for the congrats, guys. :)

    And Jessica I'm so glad that the book took your mind off the rain. High praise indeed!

  6. Jessica...Scotland...rain lashing...Liz's book...

    Do you KNOW how fabulous that sounds????

    Congrats Liz.

  7. HUGE CONGRATS on the 50th Liz!!! Make me tired just thinking about it!

    I have my copy here. Its my treat for the 50k I need in the next two weeks...gulp...

  8. Liz, this book sounds like a must-by. Congratulations!
    And congratulations to all the other authors in the series. It sounds just fabulous.

  9. Woops, that would be a must-buy. I haven't had my early morning cuppa yet.

  10. Congratulations on your 50th release, Liz! This sounds like the perfect book for such a major milestone.


  11. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Congrats on your 50th book release, Liz. I can't remember when I started reading your books, just the pleasure they've given me over the years. Scenes stay in my mind and pop back up to make me smile every so often. The heroine in the hero's garden. Another heroine turning up on the hero's doorstep, babies in tow because her relationship had fallen apart and she needed her best friend. A defiant girl in a wheelchair handing out sass at a wedding.

    I hope this is a wonderful year for you, with many more Liz Fielding books to follow.

    Hugs from Australia,


  12. Ooh, I can't wait to read this, Liz. It sounds wonderful!

    Congratulations on your 50th book, and for all your beautiful stories so far.

    Michelle Douglas

  13. Okay, forget work, I'm off to find Liz's fiftieth. It sounds fabulous - and if there's ever a reason to abandon work it's the latest Liz Fielding. I've been in awe of Liz's work forever. Huge congrats on your fiftieth, Liz. From a purely selfish perspective may your voice continue to sing until well after your hundredth. Go girl!

  14. Oh, guys! You are all so lovely. And Marion, how lovely to hear from you. How is it in your new home? Did you find room for all your books?

    I hope life is behaving itself.

  15. Congrats, Liz and what a wonderful book for your 50th!