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The fifth book in The Brides of Bella Lucia miniseries hits shelves in November!

Married Under the MistletoeMARRIED UNDER THE MISTLETOE by Linda Goodnight

Daniel Stephens has just discovered he is related to the famous Valentine Dynasty. He's not convinced that he fits into their world…until he meets beautiful Bella Lucia manager Stephanie Ellison and is captivated by her feisty yet vulnerable spirit.

Stephanie has surrounded herself with barriers to protect her from a devastating past. Now she's slowly warming to Daniel's gentle charm. This really could be a Christmas to remember, but first Daniel must show Stephanie that she can't hide behind her fears forever….

From Linda

Christmas. That magical, mystical season when the world seems a little more beautiful. What better time to fall in love? Well, to my two characters, no time was the right time for love. But did I have a surprise for them . . .

I enjoy digging into the issues that make characters tick and then pushing all the buttons that send them into fight or flight mode. For Daniel and Stephanie, each was the other’s button. Daniel bitterly resents his upper crust birth father, John Valentine, and as such despises what he sees as the false outer trappings of society. Stephanie has dark and terrible secrets she hides behind a cool, perfectionist’s fa├žade. Appearances are everything. Who better to rattle her obsessively ordered world than Daniel?

I think readers are going to fall in love with the Valentine family, not once, but over and over again in each of the books, and I am truly blessed to have taken part in this wonderful new series.

For an excerpt, check out The Brides Of Bella Lucia blog.

Available in October from
Harlequin Romance and Mills & Boon Tender Romance and in stores in North America and the UK in November!


Her Christmas Wedding WishHER CHRISTMAS WEDDING WISH by Judy Christenberry

Workaholic attorney Richard Anderson's life was turned upside down when he became guardian to his orphaned nephew. He tried his best, but it was up to Molly Soderling, the boy's beautiful nurse, to make this a very special Christmas.

In Richard's mansion Molly could pretend to have the family Christmas she'd always craved. She already loved the boy, but his broodingly handsome uncle was downright dangerous! Molly resisted temptation—till she made one mistake: she got caught under mistletoe….

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Watching the snowflakes fall and make everything look perfect, Cath Morgan knows she's made the right decision to spend Christmas alone, far away from the city and her husband, Jake. For six years Cath has dreamed of more from her marriage—a husband who isn't off globe-trotting around the world and a home ringing with children's laughter.

Only Jake isn't about to let his wife go so easily. He has one Christmas to show how much he loves her—to share the secrets that have kept him away.

They just need this one chance to make their marriage beautiful again….

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Teagan Delaney has made sure that she's too busy for love…too busy to get hurt! But when she has to become stand-in mom to her sister's tiny kids and enlists the help of her gorgeous neighbor, Brendan McNamara, the rules Teagan has lived by begin to crumble….

Brendan has already proved with ease that he's perfect father material, and, as his newfound family quickly nestles its way into his heart, he has to show Teagan that they can be the perfect family, too.

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For waitress Jane Dawson happily-ever-afters only happen in fairy tales…. So when she approaches sexy millionaire Chase Ryder she's thrilled he'll sponsor her charity. Of course, there's no chance Chase will be interested in a girl like her!

Chase has always dated women like him, focused and controlled. But Jane's passion to help others is like a breath of fresh air. Can Chase let down his guard? Because Jane's a woman in a million and deserves her very own happy ending….

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When wickedly handsome business tycoon Nick Barron recruits Georgie Cauldwell to work for him he also ends up saving her shattered heart. They spend a few gorgeously romantic weeks together. But just when Georgie thinks she has finally found happiness…Nick disappears!

When he returns, as suddenly as he vanished, it is with two young children in tow and a tiny baby cradled in his arms. Experience tells Georgie she shouldn't fall in love with a man with a family. But there's something about Nick and his babies that Georgie doesn't have the power to resist….

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Like the rest of the staff at Kanga Tours, Alice Madigan is nervous about meeting her new boss—but when he walks through the door it's worse than she ever could have imagined! Alice had shared one very special night with him—but now they have to play it strictly business!

How long can they pretend nothing has happened? Especially now that Alice has discovered she's going to be having her boss's babies….

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Cara Marlowe's new TV job will make her career—as long as nothing goes wrong.

So it's bad news that billionaire Adam Tyler wants the show stopped, and it's worse that Cara can hardly concentrate with the gorgeous tycoon around! Cara doesn't need billions, but she does want Adam the man—and her job, too!

Will she have to make a choice?

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