Thursday, June 15, 2006

ABOUT THE BOOK - "The Wedding Surprise"

The Wedding SurpriseTrish Wylie is the only Irish writer for the Harlequin Romance line and all of her books are set in the island she calls home. Her first Harlequin Romance: The Bridal Bet, won The Romantic Times Reviewers Award last month for Best First Series Romance of 2005.


When I first came up with the idea for The Wedding Surprise I had written most of my books about friends who became lovers, or workmates, even a story about a couple who had already been married. I wanted something different. And then I veered towards thinking about the opportunities people miss sometimes and what would get them to look at someone they might never have taken a second glance at.

Hence Cara and Aiden’s story was born…

When Cara Rourke discovers her Father’s business is in trouble she accepts a place on a reality TV Show to try and make the money he needs to stop their family home from being lost. All she has to do is convince her family that she’s met a man on the internet, and that she’s getting married. But Cara’s family is close, they share everything, and lying to them costs her a little piece of her heart with each passing day.

Aiden Flynn is the last man she would have looked at on the street. Because when she meets him, he’s scruffy, bearded, and has a chip on his shoulder. He’s the opposite of Cara in so many ways that there is no reason they should get along, which makes the task of convincing her family and friends they are in love even more difficult! But Cara has no-one else she can talk to, and as they spend time together they discover that they’re not really that different. Each of them is lacking something in their life.

Except that even as Cara finds herself falling in love, trusting in Aiden and hoping for a future beyond the end of the TV Show, Aiden is carrying a secret she couldn’t possibly have known. One that may cost him the woman he never expected to love...


Moving away from the mirror and along the softly lit hall, he found himself looking at frame upon frame of photographs. Caitlin Rourke’s life laid out before him. Pictures of her laughing, smiling at the people around her with love in her eyes. Close-ups of her curled up on a sofa, caught off guard as she looked up into the camera lens. Shots of an autumn day when she’d had longer hair tossed by an unseen wind. Every one showed scenes of a happy, contented woman, in love with life and living.

Caitlin Rourke was everything he wasn’t. And a familiar ache, so old it burned like a physical pain in the pit of his stomach, made him unexpectedly angry with her for that.

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  1. Lovely excerpt, Trish. Deeply evocative.