Thursday, August 07, 2008

Harlequin Romance Authors at RWA Nationals - San Francisco

A while back I mentioned how several of the Romance authors were going to be attending the RWA Nationals Conference in San Francisco. Now the reports are coming in and there are a few highlights to show you! Let me tell you, after all I've read and seen, I'm really sorry I missed it. So living vicariously, here's the report from one Romance author that DIDN'T make it to San Fran....

MSNBC did a snippet on the Literacy Signing on Wednesday night...a really good piece IMO. Just click on this link to view:

One of the highlights for Romance authors was the panel presented by Barbara McMahon, Barbara Hannay and Jessica Hart. The ladies took advantage of some time for R&R, and thanks to Jessica, who sent me this pic of the three of them in Yosemite.

However, on Friday morning it was down to business for these three ladies at their workshop on Emotion, Emotion, Emotion: Writing Romance with Global Appeal.

Of course Nationals is more than workshops...there's networking and booksignings galore. Melissa McClone did a fabulous job on her blog with pictures, and has kindly allowed me to post a few here.

This shot is of all the Romance authors and editors gathered outside Lovejoys, at the Romance High Tea.

Of course there is touring around: Here is Melissa along with Trish Wylie, Claire Baxter and Jessica Hart at Union Square.

Of course the big attraction (other than dancing with Nora at the Harlequin party...this event has become quite legendary at conference) is the RITA Award Ceremony. And so congrats goes to Romance/Love Inspired author LINDA GOODNIGHT for winning the RITA in the Inspirational Category!!!!!!!!! Here's a picture of Linda with her RITA.

And since I know someone will mention it if I don't post about it, my debut Romance Hired By The Cowboy won Best Traditional at the Booksellers Best Awards which were handed out on Thursday. Trish Wylie snagged a pic of my editor, Sally Williamson with the pin.

Scads more pictures of conference are available at the Pink Heart Society photobucket album.

And if any of you have links to other great reports and pictures, please post them in the comments!


  1. Donna, congrats on the Booksellers' Best! And thank you for posting my good news about the RITA win. I'm still walking on air!!

    Linda Goodnight

  2. Hi Linda! Huge congrats on the win. We're all so thrilled for you!

    I bet that walking on air feeling lasts a while. :-)

  3. Many congrats on your win, Donna. And to Linda, too. Such great news.

    But I want to know about the Emotion workshop! What was said, were there questions... more, more, more!

  4. Liz - I'll see if we can get a post together with the highlights.