Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April Good News

There are so many things going on this month we're combining some of them all in one post! Hold on to your hats, get out your tootie horns and pop some champagne as we get ready to celebrate the authors of Harlequin Romance!

This past weekend Romantic Times Magazine hosted their annual convention in Pittsburgh. What a showing for our Romance authors!

Trish Wylie won Best Harlequin Romance with Rescued: Mother-To-Be. Way to go, Trish!

Natasha Oakley won Best Harlequin Presents with The Tycoon's Princess Bride. This was part of the Niroli Continuity and we're so very proud of Natasha!

Linda Goodnight won Best Love Inspired with The Heart of Grace.

It just goes to show that the trademark core of emotionalism in Romance is a powerful thing no matter what line you also write for! Congratulations ladies!

And a big cheer for Liz Fielding, who won a Career Achievement Award for Love and Laughter. If you've read Liz's books, you already know she has a specialness about her that is all her own. And a sneaky ability to make you cry, and then laugh in the next heartbeat. Congratulations, Liz.

And what would spring be without the RWA RITA finalists being announced! The Tycoon's Princess Bride (Natasha Oakley) is also up for a RITA in the Short Contemporary this book magical or what!

Carrying on....

Jennie Adams's book To Love and To Cherish was a Blue Ribbon Favourite for the month of March at Romance Junkies, as chosen by their reviewers. Congrats, Jennie!

And, finally, the finalists of the National Reader's Choice Awards have been notified. In the Traditional category we have:

Natasha Oakley - Crowned: An Ordinary Girl

Barbara McMahon - The Boss's Little Miracle

Lucy Gordon - The Mediterranean Rebel's Bride

What a brilliant showing...and this is only the beginning! Congratulations to you all.

One last note...if you haven't already, please enter to win a copy of Claire Baxter's book THE SINGLE DAD'S PATCHWORK FAMILY! Just drop an e-mail to with the subject CLAIRE to enter. There's only one week left!


  1. My goodness, congratulations to all these top-notch writers. Liz with her 50th book and still piling on awards. Natasha who seems to be popping up on all the short lists. And to Barbara, Lucy, Jennie, and Trish--fantastic news. So proud to numbered with such brilliant writers.

  2. Congrats to all our super talented authors :)

  3. Did we do well! Congratulations, everyone.

  4. That's 'didn't we do well'. :) It's 5.00am here and I really ought to be in bed but there's this sheikh that's bothering me. 'Tis a strange life we lead. vbg

  5. Congratulations on all the good news, Liz, Natasha, Barbara, Lucy, Jennie, Trish and Linda.

    Hope I didn't miss anyone!


  6. You certainly "did" well, Natasha -- and I just know there's more to come!

    Congrats to everyone else who's appeared on a list or won an award recently. Harlequin Romance authors do it with ... pure romance.