Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Spotlight In Six - Rebecca Winters

One of the very best things about November and December are Christmas books and anthologies. I'm so pleased to bring you this spotlight...Rebecca is one of the authors I have read for a long time and now she's taken part in a gorgeous collection just in time for the holidays.

Christmas Proposals is out this month with other superstar authors CaroleMortimer and Marion Lennox. Here's a teaser:

HER CHRISTMAS ROMEO by Carole Mortimer

Italian executive Roberto Romeo seems very taken by his pretty sales assistant. So as the snow falls and the Christmas festivities begin, he sets about finding a new role for her…as his fiancĂ©e!


Annie can scarcely believe it when her dynamic boss, Mitch Reynolds, bestows a kiss beneath the Christmas party mistletoe. Could the tycoon really be thinking about making Annie's Christmas dreams come true?


After wealthy Guy Carver arrives in Australia to take over Jenny Westmere's wedding salon, he finds he has only one piece of business in mind: to make Jenny and her little boy his family—by Christmas!

Now....without further ado....your SPOTLIGHT IN SIX WITH REBECCA WINTERS

Where do you find new and fresh ideas?

From television programs like the discovery and history channels, from trips, from personal experiences, even a trip to the grocery store.

Writers often use photos of celebrities as “casting”. Do you do this, and who has inspired some of your characters?

I’m afraid I don’t. A picture is too confining for me. In my heart of hearts I believe I’ve always seen the ultimate hero in my mind. He’s Errol Flynn of the Sea Hawk and Captain Blood. He shows up with different colored hair and eyes, but he’s the same dashing, noble, thrilling, handsome, fantastic hero underneath.

What are your favourite and least favourite parts of writing a novel?

Each part has its own fascination for me. I love the research, the first moment the hero and heroine meet, their light and dark moments, but I have to say that if there’s a struggle, it’s in the first three chapters where I’m layering the problems they have to overcome. That can be a real challenge. You know—to dig deep enough into their character.

When you are not writing, what do you do? How do you pamper yourself?

I read a lot and listen to music of all kinds, but particularly classical. My grandchildren take up a lot of my time and I love spending hours with my children. Occasionally I go out to lunch with friends which is a real high point.

Imagine you’re stranded…where are you and who are you with?

That’s easy. I’m on the French Rivera with Errol Flynn. (When he was 26 and I was 23) He’s at home at the helm of his yacht the Sirocco, a fabulous swimmer and a devil may care adventurer. I would be endlessly enchanted.

Finally, please tell us what’s up and coming for you in the months ahead!

Nov, 07, THE TYCOON’S CHRISTMAS PROPOSAL from the Christmas Proposals anthology.

Jan 08, The Vow, Harlequin Everlasting Romance

Feb 08, Adopted Baby, Convenient Wife- an anthology

March 08, Along Came a Daughter- a Mother’s Day anthology

Apr 08, The Italian Tycoon and the Nanny

July 08, The Italian Playboy’s Secret Son

Oct 08, The Unexpected Bride

Look at those releases!

Thank you so much Rebecca for being with us!

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