Wednesday, June 07, 2006

ABOUT THE BOOK - "Contract To Marry"

This month, Nicola Marsh has a previously unreleased book now available online!!! Contract to Marry is a fun, fabulous, flirty romance set in the bustling city of Melbourne, Australia. Now here's some sneak peek behind the scenes info about this book which you will find nowhere else:

HERO: Darcy Howard. 38 y.o. CEO of Innovative Imports.Needs to lighten up and have fun.

HEROINE: Fleur Adams. 24 y.o. Life coach. Just the woman to show Darcy a thing or two.


In creating CONTRACT TO MARRY, I deliberately chose an older hero, not only in age but in years and life experience. Darcy has raised a younger brother since his late teens, has always been responsible and when his business stagnates, he has no option but to hire someone to remedy the problem.

The inspiration behind Darcy had to be Pierce Brosnan: suave, sophisticated, a man of the world and then some! (Throw in those simmering dark good looks and he’s perfect in the role of Darcy!)

Fleur is young, idealistic and starting out in her career. I created her as the complete antithesis of Darcy, giving her the tough task of showing him how to have fun. With this in mind, she takes him to a nightclub and a paintball range to accentuate their age difference but it’s Darcy who ends up showing Fleur a thing or two!

To create Fleur, I chose Reese Witherspoon for her vibrancy, vivacity and cheekiness, the perfect foil for serious Darcy.

Mostly set in Melbourne, I invented a fictitious small town for Fleur’s family and ultimately, the place she learns a few home truths. Springwood resembles many small delightful Victorian country towns, with great hospitality and gossip that spreads like wildfire!

I love creating the whole opposites-attract storyline and this book has been one of my favourites. Marketed as part of the 9 to 5 miniseries, it is an office story with bite.

One of my favourite quotes from the book? Would have to be where Fleur’s best friend Liv—who always has her head buried in a romance novel—defends the genre to her cynical friend.


Fleur scanned the growing lunch crowd and spotted her friend at a corner table, nose buried in the latest romance novel as usual.

Taking care not to decapitate anyone on the way to their table, Fleur slid into a vacant seat and stacked her load against a nearby wall. “Let me guess. The tall, dark and handsome hero is about to rip the heroine’s bodice and thrust his—“

“No! Romance novels aren’t bodice rippers. They’re contemporary romance. How many times have I told you that?”

Good one Liv!

To buy Nic's book, go to eHarlequin! And for excerpts, news and reviews, check out Nic's gorgeous brand new website.

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