Wednesday, May 31, 2006

And the nominees are...

Congratulations to Nicola Marsh whose Harlequin Romance novel IMPOSSIBLY PREGNANT is making huge waves in contests across America. It has been nominated in the Best Traditional category of both the Holt Award and the Booksellers' Best.

IMPOSSIBLY PREGNANT was the first book in a commissioned trilogy using three different authors! Set in a web design agency in Melbourne and starring Keely the website designer with weight issues and Lachlan the oh-so-sexy radio psychologist, it is a fun, flirty, fast-paced read with a big heart.

To find out more, go to
Nicola's website.

Good luck Nic!


To add to the growing list of nominations and awards, Melissa James, whose first Romance, Long Lost Father, will be released this October, is a finalist in the Romance Through The Ages contest with her entry, Dark Waltz. Dark Waltz is a Georgian historical romantic suspense set during the time when Napoleon's fleet was set to invade Britain. It is with the editor and agent who are the final judges. Winners will be announced at RWA National in July.


Next cab off the rank we have the wonderful
Shirley Jump who is a finalist in the Madcap Award for THE DATING GAME (Silhouette Romance, December 2005) and in the Bookseller's Best for THE MARINE'S KISS (Silhouette Romance, August 2005).

Fingers crossed for you Shirley!


  1. Congratulations, Nicola! Impossibly Pregnant is a fabulous book and deserves all the kudos it (and you) are getting!

  2. Thanks Liz.
    Blushing furiously here....

  3. Ditto on the fabulous book thing! IMPOSSIBLY PREGNANT is such a fun poignant read.

    I'd like to think I get some reflected glory considering I was one of the lucky ones asked to write in the OFFICE GOSSIP trilogy with Nic.

    Nic, can you pass that onto the contest judges please? Ta!

  4. Welcome to the blog, Melissa and Shirley and congratulations on your nominations!