Thursday, April 27, 2006



Jackie Braun's emotional new trilogy, kicks off in June with A WOMAN WORTH LOVING.

Audra Conlan has always been flirtatious, flamboyant and wild, until fate gives her a second chance she vows not to waste. This time she'll repent her mistakes, face her estranged family and evade men like photographer Seth Ridley, whose sexy smile and welcoming ways tempt her to fall for him hard and fast. But when the past threatens her new life, will Audra dare to forgive the woman she once was and embrace the woman she was meant to be ... a woman worth loving?

Then, in July, Luke Banning is back on the Island in THEIR UNFINISHED BUSINESS and it's just Ali Conlan's luck that he's sexier than ever. Even after ten years her heart still beats too strongly for the man who had left her without a goodbye. And a decade has done nothing to lessen her body's response to his bad-boy confidence and winning smile. But his visit to Trillium Island is all about business. He's about to become a partner in her family's resort. Or is Luke's real reason for returning about unfinished business -- with her?

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The Doctor's Proposal by Marion Lennox

Tragedy has left Dr. Kirsty McMahon afraid to fall in love. So when she meets commitment-phobic single father Jake Cameron — Dolphin Bay's gorgeous doctor — she assures herself that the chemistry between them will never amount to anything.

Kirsty busies herself with getting to know the people of Dolphin Bay — and generally doing all she can to keep her mind off the handsome single dad. But when the attraction between her and Jake becomes too strong to ignore, they find themselves having to reconsider the rules they've made for themselves....

Blue Moon Bride by Renee Roszel

Roth Jerric may be drop-dead gorgeous, but as her ex-boss he's the last person Hannah Hudson wants around. A stay at the Blue Moon Inn seemed like the answer to her prayers, but finding she's sharing close quarters with Roth is hardly her idea of relaxation!

Roth can't understand why his existence disturbs Hannah so much. And can't understand just why he cares. Disillusioned with women, he's not looking for any romantic entanglement. But, try as he might, Hannah's one woman he can't ignore....

Her Outback Protector by Margaret Way

At first sight, Alexandra Kingston looked too young to have inherited the running of Moondai cattle station. Overseer Daniel Carson knew she would most likely need all the support he could give her.

Daniel combined strength with gentleness — a heady mix for a woman who had learned the hard way how to fight her own battles. Alexandra's small frame belied her inner strength, but she couldn't deny that having Daniel close by her side made her feel both protected...and desired

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  1. Great line up of books. I love Renee's humor. Does it translate well in other countries, or is her humor particular to the American audience?

    What stories are favorites? My personal ones are marriages of convenience.

    Best, Barbara

  2. Barbara, I think Renee's humour does. I know of half a dozen Aussie authors who adore her work, especially her humour. It's a great question though.

    I know that my editor often has to ask what certain phrases mean becuase they must only be Australianisms. It makes me wonder if all of my 'funny bits' translate as haphazardly!

    If I had to pick a hook, I'd say I love office settings.


  3. I love office settings, too, Ally. I can relate to them. Maybe that's why I love writing them, too.

    But I love books where two people are thrown together -- to their mutual annoyance!